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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2012Real time diabetic retinopathy patient screening using multiscale AM-FM methodsMurray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel
27-Oct-2012Implementación de un control de posición óptimo para un manipuladorRojas, Moreno, Arturo
18-Feb-2013Cognitive task discrimination using approximate entropy (ApEn) on EEG signalsNoel, Julien George Andre
21-Feb-2013Determinación de compuestos fenólicos y actividad antioxidante de extractos de alcachofaCedron, Torres, Juan Carlos
19-Apr-2013Metabolitos secundarios del liquen Hypotrachyna chicitaeCedron, Torres, Juan Carlos
27-Oct-2013Fractional order PD and PID position control of an angular manipulator of 3DOFRojas, Moreno, Arturo
25-Nov-2013Automated vision-based system for parallel contactless micromanipulationVela, Saavedra, Emir Augusto
25-Nov-2013Embedded position control system of a manipulator using a robust nonlinear predictive controlRojas, Moreno, Arturo
30-Nov-2013Diseño de un interruptor MicroElectro Mecánico (Aplicación a microcintas)Noel, Julien George Andre
1-Feb-2014Analysis of a Externally Modified Combustion Engine to Operate with a Immiscible Fuel of 20% Gasoline and 80% WaterLlosa, Demartini, Melchor Nicolas
14-Feb-2014Análisis de biodiesel preparado a partir de residuos de aceite doméstico, mediante RMN.Cedron, Torres, Juan Carlos
8-Apr-2014Design of an 10 kVA-45 A automatic static transfer switch moduleNoel, Julien George Andre
1-May-2014Contactless automated manipulation of mesoscale objects using opto-fluidic actuation and visual servoingVela, Saavedra, Emir Augusto
1-Jun-2014Industrial Internet Education: Issues and OpportunitiesRojas, Moreno, Arturo
6-Jun-2014A Scalable, Open-Source Architecture for Real-Time Monitoring of Adaptive Wiring PanelsMurray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel
20-Jun-2014Análisis de consumo de un motor de combustión modificado externamente para operar con un combustible inmiscible de 80% agua y 20% gasolinaLlosa, Demartini, Melchor Nicolas
3-Dec-2014Research Laboratories and Training Undergraduate Students from the Freshman Level to Produce International Conference-level PublicationsMurray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel
5-Dec-20142D Instantaneous Frequency-based Method for Motion Estimation using Total VariationMurray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel
14-Jan-2015Dynamic analysis of functionally graded plates using a novel FSDTMantari, Laureano, José Luis
15-Jan-2015A refined FSDT for the static analysis of functionally graded sandwich platesMantari, Laureano, José Luis