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Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel3.pdf.jpgfeb-20152D amplitude-modulation frequency-modulation - based method for motion estimationMurray, Victor; Rodriguez, Paul; Noriega, Maria
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel5.pdf.jpgdic-20142D Instantaneous Frequency-based Method for Motion Estimation using Total VariationMurray, Victor; Rodriguez, Paul; Pattichis, Marios
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel6.pdf.jpgene-2015A multiscale decomposition approach to detect abnormal vasculature in the optic discAgurto, Carla; Yub, Honggang; Murray, Victor; Pattichis, Marios; Nemeth, Sheila; Barriga, Simon; Soliz, Peter
Rojas, Moreno, Arturo2.pdf.jpgnov-2013Embedded position control system of a manipulator using a robust nonlinear predictive controlRojas-Moreno, Arturo; Valdivia-Mallqui, Richard
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel2.pdf.jpgjul-2015Field-Programmable Wiring SystemsMurray, Victor; Pattichis, Marios; Llamocca, Daniel
Rojas, Moreno, Arturo4.pdf.jpgoct-2013Fractional Order PD and PID Position Control of an Angular Manipulator of 3DOFRojas Moreno, Arturo; Jara Sandoval, Victor
27-feb-2015Hardware implementation of a FPGA-based universal link for LVDS communicationsSanchez, Luis; Patiño, Giancarlo; Murray, Victor
Rojas, Moreno, Arturo.pdf.jpgjun-2014Industrial Internet education: Issues and opportunitiesPimentel, Juan R.; Rojas-Moreno, Arturo
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel8.pdf.jpgoct-2012Real-time diabetic retinopathy patient screening using multiscale AM-FM methodsMurray, Victor; Agurto, Carla; Barriga, Simon
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel7.pdf.jpgdic-2014Research laboratories and training undergraduate students from the freshman level to produce international conference-level publicationsMurray, Victor; Matsuno, Cecilia
Murray, Herrera, Víctor Manuel4.pdf.jpgjun-2014Scalable Open-Source Architecture for Real-Time Monitoring of Adaptive Wiring PanelsLlamocca, Daniel; Murray, Victor; Jiang, Yuebing; Pattichi, Marios